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The Backbone Collective

Superpowers: infographics, layout design

Who: The Backbone Collective is a national coalition of survivors of Violence Against Women in Aotearoa New Zealand. They advocate for systemic change.

What: Create publications and various infographics that illustrate the problems women face within the family court system in New Zealand.

Keywords: emotive, simple to understand, clean

Deliverables: infographics for documents, poster, guide documents for organisations and victim-survivors

Kind words

"Lemonface Creative has made a huge contribution to the impact of The Backbone Collective. Our purpose is to give women who have experienced violence and abuse a safe way to share how the services and system responded to them when they reached out for help and how those services can work more effectively to help them be safe and recover. Pictures tell a thousand words and Sarah Jayne has supported us over the last seven years to tell very complex stories in easy to grasp graphics that still contain the sensitivity and compassion required so women’s experiences are not minimised in any way. Sarah Jayne is brilliantly creative, wonderful to work with and creates professional high-quality resources that we are very proud of. As a small not-for-profit organisation that relies on grants and donations we have been extremely appreciative of Sarah Jayne’s creative donations to our organisation."

Deborah McKenzie
Co-founder, Agency Manager, The Backbone Collective