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It's all in the creative process.


You are part of the creative process from start to finish, guided by our expertise.

Creative Services

Our expertise and experience combine to create the perfect application of visual communication. It's not only what you see, it's also equally about what you don't. Our process is collaborative and we enjoy having our clients in the creative process.


Branding is all the things that make your business unique and speak to the heart of your ideal audience. Your visual brand should show your personality at a glance. From the humble logo to all of the applications it appears on, Lemonface can help you stand out.

Creative management

If branding is identity and personality, creative management is applying that brand in the most effective way in every message, on every channel. We extend our philosophy to creative team management too. Consistency builds recognition and recognition builds growth.

Digital design

If its on a screen, its digital. Your website or social media presence is how the world will see your brand. We can plan, design, build and/or update your digital spaces to appeal and be accessible to your global audience.

Everything else graphic design

Infographics, event collateral or marketing projects? Signage? Illustration or brand photography? We put a strategic lens over the creative, so the design does what it needs to do for you.


Do you work alone?

Lemonface Creative has a lovely long list of creatives at the finger-tips. So, depending on the project requirements, sometimes other creatives come aboard for collaboration.

How do you charge?

Our fees are project-based. We'll consult with you to find out what you need and prepare a quote and scope of work from there.

Are there packages available?

Yes! We have brand and website packages, get in touch to get more information. We also offer retainers for those wanting month to month creative management.

Do you do quick turn-around work?

Depending on the size of the project and how quick the turn around - yes! We will take into consideration existing schedules of work. It's always best to let us know as soon as possible about your project and any deadlines.

Can you organise the printing?

We certainly can do. We try to use local printers where possible and we have a little black book full of all sorts of print suppliers, from signage to branded merch, publications to the humble business card (are they still a thing?).

Do you provide the raw design files?

Generally no, however if you need the raw files, we can discuss this before the project starts.

Who owns the finished design work?

You do! We do ask if we are able to share any amazing finished work through our digital channels.

about our

"We loved working with Lemonface Creative for our company's  rebranding exercise. What seemed like a daunting task for us, ended up being both an enjoyable and a satisfying process. Lemonface were responsive, professional and most importantly delivered a brand that we just love and are proud to show the world!  Thanks Lemonface."

Catherine Lewis,