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layout lover,
graphic designer,

Lemon in a walnut shell

Lemonface Creative in a nutshell

Need to get to know us quickly? See some work? What we do on the daily? See some fabulous shoes? Watch the video.

It's not enough for your words to look pretty.

Your message needs to 'hit' in all the right places. If you've ever been let down by generic design, you've come to the right place.

Our superpowers are in visual communication for publications, campaigns, projects and events ensuring broad audiences feel spoken to on an individual level, and specialist audiences are treated to some visual refreshment that is easy to digest.

We're here for the people, businesses and organisations who are people-focused and doing great things. We want your message to be received in the most accessible, consistent and understandable way possible.

Partners, all the way.

Who, or rather what, is Lemonface?

Introverted and illusive is the actual face behind Lemonface Creative. I'm Sarah-Jayne, the human behind the Lemonface. I love working behind the scenes with businesses/organisations, getting creative, solving visual problems and delivering work in collaboration with my clients that we can both be proud of.

When I'm not creating on the Mac, I'm found out and about with my camera exploring or annoying my judgemental Bearded Dragon, Boo.

The Lemonface character 'Little Lemonface' however, is confident, playful, cheeky, occasionally sour (on a Monday), full of sass and a smidge sarcastic in the cutest way, hard not to love.