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We’re embracing the change of season. Not even begrudgingly. Who are we?!

It suits our dark humour to realise that these hardworking trees blend into the background, looking gorgeous and doing a job we can’t thrive without, until parts of them start to die in spectacular fashion. Not unlike the designer whose tiny but so considered decisions are so effective they become invisible - we live for the drama, darling. Can relate. We see you. 
Morning temperatures lately are suited to afternoon starts, we’ve found that’s actually when the creative juices are juicing so …thanks Winter, I guess? 
Current, potential and past client catch ups have all been on the calendar this month. We've been more out and about than in, zipping around from Feilding to Kapiti to Welly. It’s been great to be on the move.  

All of this a reminder that the wheel always keeps spinning and nothing is permanent. 

Latest projects

Home Run Guitar - Branding 

Byron Foley, a seasoned music teacher, and his wife are moving to Europe soon and we have created a new professional brand for their business, "Home Run Guitar." This brand reflects Byron's extensive experience, deep knowledge, and dual passions for music and baseball. Ready to enter the European market, Home Run Guitar aims to resonate globally with Byron's unique teaching style and enthusiasm. Here's to Home Run Guitar touring the world! 

Rogue Raw packaging 

The sister brand of Rogue Royalty, Rogue Raw has just had an update of its packaging - this wildly different raw food is shipped all across Australia and now it’s marketing the entire time it travels. Cardboard boxes don’t have to be boring, put them to work. 

You can see more of the work we have produced for Rogue Raw in our portfolio.


  I’m working on my own rhythms, my creative brain gets going in the afternoon so I’m happy for a slow start in the morning but I do need to book a meeting before lunch. IYKYK. Top tip, book a consult/meeting with me in the morning, preferably somewhere with coffee. 
Even heading into June, Autumn is in full flourish, nothing like a change of season to make you sit up and pay attention. Driving around as much as I have had this month, my eyes have been visually feasting on Autumn, the change in the trees, as well as some spectacular sunsets that make the clouds glow. 

Lemonface Lens 

@lemonfacelens is a Lemonface outlet for creative expression, a place for play and joy. This month, and probably for everyone with a camera captured the stunning May 11 Aurora Australis (Borealis up in the Northern Hemisphere), I was in Wellington on this particular day anyway, so stuck around and got a good spot at the Red Rocks looking south. As soon as darkness descends I have a lot of company. Me, the Aurora Australis event of a lifetime and hundreds of my closest friends. I still face palm when I see this shot. 

Boo the Dragon  

Boo is AWAKE! We relate, me and Boo. She’s thawing slowly under a heat lamp and that’s a wake-up routine I could really get into.