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How we celebrate our clients on Labour Day

Labour Day means so much to so many in Aotearoa. For the majority of us we’re able to kick back for an extra day and recharge our batteries for what lies ahead for us in November / December aka ‘The Silly season’.

At Lemonface Design we have a different take on Labour Day. We call it Labourface Day. It’s special for us as it’s the one day each year where we give thanks to all our clients for the work they have given us and the trust they place in us to give their brand the love it deserves. And each year we pick a special client and hand deliver a gift. Personally delivering the gift is as important to us as it is to the recipient. It shows we care, it shows we’re thankful, and it shows we appreciate the mutual bond we have for each other.

Every Labourface Day we like to spread cheer
And give something back to those we hold dear
A gesture that says we appreciate so very much
For all the work you give us and for showing such trust

2020. You will be remembered for all eternity. You’ve thrown us obstacles and you’ve locked us down. More than once. But we stayed strong and visible. We could have hid, but we decided to seek. And our clients came with us. We salute you. Each and every one of you. And to one client in particular who kept us busy throughout the lockdown periods and trusted us to produce succinct and easily digestible communications in these challenging times.

You’ve kept us so busy in the strangest of years
Kept us working when the whole nation had fears
You believe in us to deliver your dreams
You’ve made us feel like part of your team.

So this year we cultivated, nurtured and delivered a very special and unique gift. The strictly limited Lemonface Design Tequila Tree. 1/1. Very much a one off – much like the recipient 😊  A tree complete with lemons (of course), Marlborough salt and Patrón tequila (the good stuff). Something a bit quirky, a lot of fun and perfect for the long, warm weekend.

To be able to take a drive and deliver this gift in a beautiful country where we are free to mix, mingle and spread cheer makes us feel blessed. How lucky are we?

So please enjoy your tree whatever the weather
We’re so grateful that circumstance has brought us together
We love you dear client in so many ways
From us to you ‘Happy Labourface Day’!

Happy Lemonface Design, happy client. Shiny happy people.

A big thank you to ALL of our clients wherever in New Zealand you may be. We hope you had a good break. See you in the Silly season!