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Local Election Hoardings - A Spin Off Glowing Review

Lemonface Creative received some great praise this election period with design work created for Mayoral candidate of Horowhenua, Victoria Kaye-Simmons.

Artist and contributor to The Spin Off, Toby Morris analysed hoardings from all over New Zealand this election period. We were elated when we read what Toby had to say about our work:

"All jokes aside, after criticising and/or ironically praising all of the above, you might be wondering what an effective design should look like. In total seriousness, this effort for Victoria Kaye-Simmons in Horowhenua is about as good an example as you’d hope to see of how to do it right. The layout is clearly organised and easy to read. The text is clear, strong and to the point. The typography and the photo are well executed – the vibe is smart and capable, but still with character and personality. Hands on hips is an underrated election pose too I reckon. It says ‘let’s get working’ and ‘OK Michael, my turn now’."

We can't ask for more, we're clearly doing something right! Thanks Toby!

You can read the full review at The Spin Off here.

Victoria Kaye-Simmons is well known in the Horowhenua community for her positive attitude, her ability to work with others, be honest and genuine with people from all walks of life. She juggles multiple committee roles and supports a variety of organisations in the Horowhenua. Her campaign for the mayoralty was based on who she is, real, honest and local. Simplicity was key in what would be a sea of other hoardings (there was a record number of candidates for the Levin ward) so she needed to stand out from the crowd and look likes she means business. The result was a professional, warm and simple look to campaign on that absolutely fit the client and would relate to the people of the district.