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The Chemo Crazies

For the love

The Chemo Crazies were formed in May 2015 when Jayden (J-Dog) Morris aged 10 and Grant (G Man) Gerken aged 48 were both undergoing treatment for incurable cancers in Christchurch. Their mission to inspire kids and families living with cancer, to use laughter & fun as the best medicine, while fighting the hard battles in life. And to just keep going!

J-Dog and G-Man immediately hit it off and in an attempt to distract themselves from their treatments and to just have some fun, they began producing videos which they uploaded to social media for their friends and family to enjoy. Little did they realise at that time that their crazy antics would not only become the source of much inspiration to so many people right across the world but at the same time just the medicine they needed to keep them going through the hard times. And so the brand “The Chemo Crazies” was born, a platform that they then utilised to give back to others. Lemonface Creative were delighted to help out with the design of their brand. G man says, “We were struggling with developing a logo and brand that would adequately and effectively encapsulate not only our brand but the very essence of our being. We couldn't be happier with our brand and we are indebted to the Lemonface team for helping us achieve what was beginning to feel like an impossible task”

The Chemo Crazies provide a "prescription pack" to children undergoing cancer treatment to help put a smile on their faces and provide a distraction for a brief moment from what they are facing and Lemonface Creative helped design and produce the pack contents including a book, a board game, a wristband, a set of building blocks, a pair of sunglasses and a funny face stress ball.

Unfortunately, Jayden's outcome from this disease wasn't as all was hoped for. After a courageous eighteen months fight, Jayden sadly passed away in May 2016. Grant luckily is still fighting and along with Jayden's parents, his little sister and close friends, all are intent in keeping Jayden's dream of “Inspiring Kids with Cancer” alive.

We were delighted to see Kieran Read sporting a T shirt recently that featured one of our designs. The All Blacks skipper says “I remember Jayden from CHOC and the Make a Wish message he sent. I think it’s a great way to honour Jayden's memory and am happy to help out the Chemo Crazies as it sounds like a fantastic project.”

Learn more about The Chemo Crazies here and see how you can also sponsor a pack.

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