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Gernius - Replacing Busy with Extraordinary

Some people are meant to work together.

Some people ‘get’ each other. We ‘get’ Gernius and they ‘get’ us. We work together a lot.

In fact we recently commissioned the very talented Nikki South to photograph what we have designed and produced over the last year or so and we couldn’t quite believe just how much we and our fabulous client have achieved together. Lietta (the brains and smiles behind Genius) tells us that this is only the beginning! Haha, we like being it for the long run so that’s fine with us.

We’ve been on board the good ship Gernius since it evolved and set sail into its current form from In2UCoaching. Gernius offer business mentoring and coaching that produce Extraordinary Results. Their new identity was created to reference new growth (scientifically and organically, personally and professionally). The colour palette came from the original In2UCoaching brand which held meaning for Lietta.

Gernius work to date has included the new identity, stationery, website, promotional products and social media graphics. But more than this, the rebrand has become extensive and is ever evolving which allows us to continue to produce for what we in the game call ‘fun stuff.’- ‘Stuff’ you can pick up and play with, ‘stuff’ that feels as good as it looks – see those journals over there? Yes they were hand sewn actually, and the elastic that holds all the goodness in place? Yup that was dyed a particular shade. Lietta allows us to go the extra mile because we believe her product is so good that it would be a crime not to look the part. The best part of our relationship? Easy – that’s when Lietta phones us and says ‘Are you sitting down, ‘cos I’ve had this idea. Hear me out...’