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Internal Comms - Hello? Is anybody listening?

So much to deliver, so much at stake and effective internal communications rely on messages being received loud and clear.

Here are the 7 most powerful and effective ways to ensure they’re heard:

  1. Where do you start? Work on your internal communication strategy first

Like all objectives and goals, you need to start with a plan and internal communications is no different. You need someone who can write well so your staff will actually read your policies, rules, notice boards and Intranet material and you need a great designer. Your graphic designer is key to attracting those wandering eyes.

  1.  Internal communications need to stand out

Now more than ever your internal communications need to stand out. With the new H & S Act coming into play it’s vital that your designer has the skills and the expertise to ensure your material has an impact. Great design and internal communications could literally save lives.

  1. KISS - Keep it simple stupid

Graphic designers are experts at cutting out the crap and that’s because they don’t want you to create corporate communications that are information overload and boring. No one likes that and seriously when you need the job done, we deliver and take internal communications very seriously.

  1. Reach your target market

Think of your staff and team in the same way you think of your customers you want to attract. You have key messages they need to understand and resonate with and you want them to trust you. Your internal communications plan can be created in the exact same way as your marketing strategy.

  1. Give your internal communications a modern look

When was the last time you updated your internal communications? If they’re looking dull and dusty then they’re doing nothing for you I promise. If you haven’t already, we seriously advise you get an Intranet system. It’s a hub for your staff to refer to and great place to share all those good news stories too.

  1. Infographics are awesome!

Who doesn’t love a good infographic and these are the king of internal communications. They pack a visual punch, they are short and sweet and hold all the right ingredients you’re looking for effective and highly efficient internal communications.

  1. The cost of poor internal communications

We probably don’t need to tell you this but the cost of poor internal communications are:

  • Complaints (and we bet you’re sick of that … “no one told me, I didn’t know that blah blah blah”

  • Misunderstandings - as we said before you can’t afford to take a risk and not have your staff understand your internal communications

  • Poor workplace culture - if you don’t take the time to create awesome material, you can bet your staff don’t care too

Lemonface Creative are in the “creating awesome internal communications business”. You only have to look at what we did for Rotorua Airport recently and we have also project managed and created internal communications for large councils around New Zealand.